Settle Up (Legacy) app for iPhone and iPad

4.7 ( 4957 ratings )
Productivity Finance
Developer: BIOPORT Software Labs, s.r.o.
1.99 USD
Current version: 1.7.17, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 21 Dec 2011
App size: 13.37 Mb

*** We recommend installing our new "Settle Up - Group Expenses" app. This legacy version still works, but it wont get any new features. ***

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Latest reviews of Settle Up (Legacy) app for iPhone and iPad

Doesnt work like I thought it should
I was looking for an app to track my team when we got group lunches etc. for instance: A, B, & C all order food and C pays for the whole thing. Then the next day A & C order food and A pays for the whole thing. B will still owe C and either A or C will owe the other. However, B will not owe anything on the 2nd lunch. This app, though, seems to think he does, it seems to randomly make up debts when there arent any. And then when you select "settle debts", it does not reset properly. I think the calculations do not work properly and the formulas are crap. Secondly, its individual transaction tracking doesnt track well. If I cant figure out how to use this better soon, i am going to erase it. I cant believe I paid $2 for this garbage.
Best app EVER!!
Novel idea! Great for sharing expenses at restaurants and while traveling. You will never argue about who should pay next again. Clean interface, love the graphics and incredibly user friendly. Highly recommended. Five stars.
Fantastic program
Great propgram. Probably the best app to keep track of debts, plus its free to boot. they only problem i have is figuring out how to change the currency, which the new update says it is capable of. if they fix that, then id definitely give it a 5 star rating hands down.
Just what I wanted!
We split up a complex weekend of each person paying for something different with ease! And syncing with the group? Come on! Wonderful!
just what you need
going on a roadtrip with friends, we dont have to worry about who pays what.. this app settles all up.. just wished it was for ipads too..
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